Learn About Our Membership Options

Memberships… Membership always has its privileges and is a good value too. If you plan to golf with us throughout the season, consider purchasing one. There are a variety of great options to suit you.


Family: $1070 (2 lottery tickets included)
**only children under 18 included**

Couples: $970 (2 lottery tickets included)

Adult: $610 (1 lottery ticket included)

University Student: $250

Student (1418): $125

Youth(10-13): $70

9-Hole punch card (6 + 1 rounds): $132

Adult Driving Range Membership: $75

Family Driving Range Membership: $125

Member Cart Shed* (electric): $250

Member Cart Shed* (basic): $200

Non-member Cart Shed* (electric): $350

Non-member Cart Shed* (basic): $300

Annual Trail Fee (no shed): $120

* Includes trail fees